First Writing of the Day (WotD)

Once, I trying to create a blog which means to be my sort of “diary“. But it’s not happened. So I change the concept a little bit. This blog will be my sort of “report” as well as been my writing from my own mind. Still kinda of a “diary” but forget it.

On the next time, maybe I’ll not frequently post a WotD (which is a short terms for the titles, blerghh) but I’ll try my best to keep updating my day of life in form of writing. Sorry for my grammatically error (or Grammar Nazi if you call it) and I might post the WotD using ‘Bahasa Melayu’ for some complicated story that need me to write in Malay language.

So guys (or girls), this is my first WotD. Feel free to follow or if you don’t mind, you can follow my other blog which is full with my Instagram photos (yeah, kinda unnecessary) at Tumblr and my other social network account (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).



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