So, in the couple of months I try to collect more money by working with my uncle at school canteen with one objective, to build custom desktop CPU (like buying each parts and build on your own).

Image(Image is for illustration purpose only, not actual final product, lulz.)

But, when the money come straight to you, the lust of spending is suddenly come. Not to mention when my laptop is broken down, I’m totally need a money to repair it (since I don’t know how to repair the motherboard). But it’s all happen when I bought this thing.


(Not the real one, but enough to justify my point. Straight from my Instagram)

Well, shit. I used almost 2/5 from my savings just to buy this shoes. But for a record, this shoes is AWESOME. Yeah, I’m not regret for buying this shoes, but I’m regret for using that money. Now I need to recalculate the budget to build the custom desktop CPU. Unfortunately, I almost forgot about my FYP (Final Year Project since I’m still a student) and I didn’t bought any parts.


(I mean, didn’t start any of it)

*Moral of the story – Don’t spend if you don’t know your ACTUAL budget*



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