New era for Manchester United *Again*


I’ve been supporting Manchester United since I was a kid. To be more accurate, around 2003 (2002-2003 until 2003-2004 season). I’ve supporting them when I saw their winning mentality, never give up spirit and ultimately, the player.


(My first United favourite player, until his transfer to Real Madrid at the end of 2002-2003 season)


(Beckham’s successor, my new favourite player until his departure to Real Madrid *again* in 2009)

Believe me or not, until now I’m still supporting United even during ups and downs especially during David Moyes‘ tenure as the successor to the legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson.


(“The Chosen One”. I don’t call him ‘Si Kosong‘ for nothing.)

Now with him already been fired (after only 10 month appointed as manager instead of 10 years contract), we have a new manager, Louis Van Gaal from Netherlands.


(No description, as he had been managed Ajax, Barcelona, Bayern and Netherlands national team respectively)

Hopefully, he can bring back the glory that had been diminished already by Si Kosong (sorry, can’t stop calling him that). But, regarding who’s the player he will bring to Old Trafford, I will stand behind him. Because I’ll keep supporting them. Win, draw or lose, forever Manchester United.


(Actually this is my all-time favourite player since 2002 World Cup. *Even he played for rivals, Chelsea* Still loved him)

*Glory Glory Man United, as the Reds go marching on on on !*


(Thank you Nemanja Vidic & Rio Ferdinand. Best partnership in Premier League era)

P/S: At the time of today, Ryan Giggs announced his retirement from football and will become Van Gaal’s assistant manager.


(Ryan Giggs, tearing you apart since 1991 until 2014)

*The Theatre of Dreams*


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