Social Networks & Evolutions

I’ve start using social networks during my time at boarding school (I have an access to the Internet that time) which it become a phenomenal in Malaysia. Name it, MySpace, Friendster, Tagged and so on. But I’m start with Friendster at 2008 and Myspace later. I can acknowledge the importance of social network during that “Golden Age of Social Network” circa 2007 until 2011 (which Facebook starts become mainstream and coincidentally during my five years at boarding school).


(During the Facebook layout looks like this in 2009, for illustration purpose only)

Then, the social network become larger, and larger, and larger. Twitter comes, Google+ (Oh God, why), Instagram and so many clones of Facebook. But, the old social network is also “dead” like Friendster & MySpace (Sorry guys) and I’ve stop using that anymore since everyone is migrating to Facebook.

Later, a much larger genre in social network comes, which is instant messaging. Whatsapp, Wechat, LINE and many more that I’m not using ’cause it’s too many of them. And it’s become a revolution to social network with a simpler concept and easier attempt to connect with people and makes new friend *cough*.

Now, everyone must have at least one social network in order to catch up with social world (Nahhhhhh, I’m lying). Even a kid have a Facebook account (since Facebook only allowed people over 15 years old, they created a fake age). Especially our parents. No kidding guys.

But, just one advice from me, keep your privacy away from social network especially Facebook. Since we heard about NSA and Facebook keep giving our data to authorities, please take care of yourself. Social network is not like the old time. It’s about Facebook trying to dominate the world by social network. Seriously. It’s all about Zuckerberg.


(I’m mentioning you, Zuckerberg)


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