2014 World Cup

Yesterday, I indulge myself to stay up late in the night (actually it’s morning already) just to watch the first match of the 2014 World Cup between the home team, Brasil and Croatia.

I won’t tell about the report of the match (just in case, Brasil won 3-1) but what I’m gonna tell you is the atmosphere of the game. Kinda lack of something. Even social media (Facebook & Twitter) is totally full with WC (World Cup, not toilet) but it feels like nothing spectacular about the game.

Don’t get me wrong, the opening was fun (except Pitbull. But J.Lo and the other woman is hot), the crowd is truly yellow (I almost confused the crowd with the chair) but I don’t feel the Samba. The passion, the feel, the spirit of competition (search about the referee of the match) etc. It just not feel like Brasil at all.

Neymar, Oscar, David Luiz, you know them all. But this isn’t the Brasil I was looking for. I miss the old Brasil. The one with Ronaldo (the fat one, not CR), Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho. Their counter attack, defending, skills (especially Ronaldinho) and their deadly strike. This Brasil is on another level. The new Brasil is not even behind them. They need to improve their game, not just crying in front of the referee.

To be honest, I’m not supporting Brasil at all. But I used to love watching them played on the pitch. Maybe today I’m not. But tomorrow I might love them back. Or maybe not at all.

*Die Nationalmannschaft*

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