Street Fighter and it’s Adaptation

Street Fighter. I mean, who the hell doesn’t know one of the famous video game franchise of all time in fighting genre? The genre is quite new in it’s era and still relevant nowadays. Their multiple playable character (Ryu, Ken, Guile etc) with six button combos give a fresh and unique trademark to Street Fighter.


(The infamous Ryu’s Hadouken. I used to said Abugin when I was a kid. Seriously.)

Well, when the game become so famous (FYI their most famous game, Street Fighter II have sub-series of update version like Super Street Fighter II and some title with Turbo & Hyper on it) then Hollywood producer decided to make money on the series and make a movie. Unfortunately, it sucks. Totally sucks.

StreetFighterMoviePoster Legend_of_chun_li

( NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE. This is just so wrong.)

Luckily, some producer who are the die hard fans of Street Fighter decided to go back to the roots. A project that Capcom approves and some companies funding it. They start with a web series (Youtube) which is named Street Fighter Assassin’s Fist.


(Surprisingly, the web series is quite promising.)

With the second season is on the way and the fans are happy, as one of them, I quite thrilled with the project. Hoping that they might consider to make a movie after this because the series is already fantastic. Yep. Just, don’t be like the old producers who just chase the profit.


(Waiting for Guile and his theme song on the series. C’mon!)

*Sonic Boom!*


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