2014 World Cup The Finale

I thought it would be too late to writing this post as it’s already 3 days since the finale between Germany and Argentina (you know who’s the winner). But, as the Germany fan, I would like to finalize this topic once and for all.

Germany vs. Argentina

Since their last encounter in previous World Cup, Argentina always win against Germany (check the fact) but Argentina not won in their last 3 games against Germany. Since before the final, the record told everything. But, it was 4 years ago. It might be invalid.

451921370Germany WorldCup national team winners 2014

(Top: Argentina has Messi. Bottom: Germany have a team)

From the beginning, the match turned fierce. Both team keeps attacking when they got the ball. Countless shot and offside from them as they searching for the golden goal. Unfortunately, no goal until the end of 90 minutes. The match goes to extra time.

As a Germany’s fan, this is quite worrying. When the match will be dragged to extra time and there still no goal, it will be concluded by penalty. Germany have a bad record when it comes to penalty (Google it).

Miraculously, a hero appeared. A player once dubbed “the German Messi” and come as a substitute to scored the crucial goal only couple of minutes before the match ended. He is Mario Götze.

Germany v Argentina: 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Final

(The celebration. What a volley from him)

As the result, Germany won the 2014 World Cup and gained the fourth star while Messi still cannot collect the only Cup he didn’t get and equal the record with Diego Maradona.

germany 11

(Bastian Schweinsteiger holding the golden cup)

This World Cup would be the last for Miroslav Klose as he finally winning the Cup at forth attempt. Not only winning the World Cup but he also breaking the record for all time top-scorer of World Cup with 16 goals surpassing Ronaldo (not Cristiano).


(Thank you, legend)

So, the FIFA World Cup 2014 ends here. Thank you Brazil. We’ll never forget the score against Germany (Mineirazo). Russia, we’ll wait for your turn.

*Die Nationalmannschaft*


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