Hard Day

It’s been a while since the last post (which is last month). But well, I have time luckily. What a hard days for me during that period.

First, the disappearance of Johan’s bike (his Yamaha 135LC which is been stolen at Kangar). As the passenger, I’ve also been a victim alongside him. But, the bike are never be found and Johan is already preparing to buy a new one.

Next, short in money. My loan from PTPTN is being halt for bad result (my fault) and I’ve been preparing to pay the college fee by myself. Well, my family but some of it will using my savings (Till this post, the fee is yet to be payed).

Then, suffering from loneliness (seriously). About a year (and still counting) I’ve been single bachelor person in UniMAP (my university). Even my housemate already meet his love (which is also my friend). Well, shit.

To be honest, I don’t like to be alone but at the same time, I don’t like to be shackled by the girl as I need some freedom in my life. It’s like you want to be single but you also want to be loved by your love. That’s madness actually.

Don’t forget about my upcoming progress report for my FYP (Final Year Project) within a week. My progress is around 20% only and I’m f*cked up already (sorry for my language but it’s my post so who cares). Let’s hoping I’m not being drop by the head of project department.

In honorable mention, my lust (err I don’t know any other word) of needing new PC parts (OK it sound silly). I want a new case and graphic card so bad. And extra RAM. And new hard disk or SSD. But I don’t have any money obviously.

Until the next time. Best luck of me.

*May the best man win*


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