Earlier of the week, we have been shocked by the death of Robin Williams, a versatile actor who has make his smile as medicine to people around the world. Unfortunately, smile doesn’t cure him. Instead, he endured one of the most dangerous disease in the world during his lifetime, depression.

Why depression? Because it is chained to another problem. In fact, depression can cause to suicide. Yes, suicide is related to depression. But suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problem. Which mean, depression is a temporary problem regards to how you manage or even solve it. In this case, Mr. William can’t (sorry).

To be honest, I’ve depression before, during the high school year. Most people said their high school is exciting but not for me. I had a bad years at there. When people won’t accept you as your friend and cursing you behind your back while your friend leaving you during your hardship, it’s not easy man. Especially when you’re stuck at boarding school.

Maybe they can’t accept my behavior (in fact they did) or something is wrong with me. In this case, nothing is wrong, they just can’t. Besides, there are SOME can accept me as their friend (I won’t mention the name). As the result, I couldn’t focus on my study (actually this affects me till’ today), I occasionally moody and yes, I’m depressed.

But somehow, I managed to get rid of it. I don’t know how but I think it’s end right after I finished my school. The burden has been lighten, and finally I’m not hearing that curse again. I’ve been accepted by people during PLKN (National Service) and now, UniMAP. I have great friends that supports me from back. I have great atmosphere. I have everything (well, almost).

To the people who depressed out there somewhere in the world, don’t give up. Find some friends that will be with you no matter what happens. Find your best friend. If you can’t, find alternative like doing your hobby or take a vacation. Maybe you don’t know, but a lot of people actually care about you. You just need to care about yourself first.

P/S: I’ve dropped my FYP. The head of department said I need to focus on my repeat paper first. I take that as yes.

*O Captain! My Captain!*


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