The Fault In Our Stars


I know it’s quite late to talk about this. To be honest, I didn’t read this book yet (even with so many consideration from Johan). But I think I will read it as I’m already watch the movie (I’m not crying okay). And I quite impressed.

A love story about Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters, both a cancer patient. Full stop. Yup, I could only give that definition and not the scene anyway because every scene in the movie is so beautiful (I’m only review the movie not the books).

From their first meet (face to face moment) to their journey to Amsterdam, it’s so lovely even Johan said it’s so accurate than any other book adaptation (name it). And the main character, Hazel Grace (don’t remember her actual name) is so cute!

No spoiler alert by the way because everybody knows the spoiler as the movie is accurately follow the book. But, I fully recommended to read the book first as the movie is quite fast (according to Johan again). So, here we go guys. Don’t cry (I still managed to not cry).



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