Mini Project

This week and beyond, my work is full with mini projects from many of my subjects. Lots of mini projects. Actually only Electric Circuit Principle is the sole subject which don’t have a mini project (thank you so much Madam). Other than that, it’s a nightmare.

Let’s keep it short. Electronic Instrumentation (a subject which use instruments. If you know what I mean), Industrial Safety (a compulsory subject for each student who will goes to Industrial Training), Software Engineering (a subject which discuss about theory on how to create a software) and Engineering Entrepreneurship (business subject which focusing on engineering). The only subject that I’m not so sure about is Microcontroller II (since it’s all crap since beginning).

To be honest, I have no idea what am I doing right now. I mean come on, mini project which is equal to FYP (some of it actually) and all the dateline is around a week? You got to be kidding me. It’s a burden for every student who are in their senior year (including me) except I’d dropped my FYP. The other’s don’t. Their burden is higher than myself.

I have to admit, it’s gonna be a very busy week, or maybe a busy month for me and for them. A month and a half remaining before the final of final exam for each of us (since this is the final year) and couple of week before the dateline of each mini project. Nothing is done yet. Yet.

P/S: If you noticed, I’ve no longer using the WotD since I think every post I made is WotD so nope. (Last edited 25/08/14, 11.23 PM)

*Brace yourself. Final exam is coming.*


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