Define crush (informal)

A brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone unattainable.

(Example) “He did have a crush on Elizabeth”

Synonyms : infatuation, obsession, love, passion.

Well, sort of.

In my understanding, crush is someone who you have a feeling of but you can’t have them for some reason. In my lifetime, I have a crush on so many person which is definitely a girl *uhuk3* a woman. Yep.

But for now, I have a crush on one girl. Actually, I had a crush on this girl before but I decided to stop it because she had a boyfriend. Had, you notice it. And I decided to not care too much at her because she’s someone’s girlfriend for God sake.

As you noticed, eventually she’s becoming single again. When I heard the news, who the hell doesn’t happy when a girl you passionate (I would say obsessed but you get the point) becoming available again. Then, here we go again. I have a crush on her again.

But, to be honest, I don’t want to get her or chasing her to make her as my girlfriend. No. It’s not that I don’t want her to be mine, but I’m like “out of her league”. She’s too valuable for me. And just like a typical crusher (I don’t know where this word come from) I’m not confess to her. Yet.

I might be won’t confess my feeling to her. But who knows, maybe I couldn’t hold my feeling to her again. Just, I terrified to tell her the truth. Yes I’m scared. It’s not that I’m afraid to confess to her, but what answer that she would said to me that terrify me a lot.

If you like someone, the feeling may stay for a while but if you love someone, the feeling may last longer or maybe last forever. So, the feeling might flow away in time. But, she will never get off from my mind because I’m not like her. I love her.

P/S: Finally I’ve pay the college fee. Yes! (Last edited 04/09/14, 4.40 PM)

*You’re the meaning in my life, you’re the inspiration*


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