20 Facts About Me


1. Real name is Muhammad Danial Fikri bin Muhd Dimyaty.

2. Jebart is not my real name. Just a name created firstly for my Facebook and then widely use since.

3. Born in Hospital Mentakab, Pahang but raised in Johor Bharu before moving to Perlis in 2003 (eleven years and counting).

4. A December guy (09 December 1994)

5. Have a village at Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan and Jengka, Pahang.

6. Oldest of 3 siblings.

7. Engineering student at UniMAP.

8. Lazy, but determined when needed.

9. Likes to study on last minutes.

10. Talkative with my friends.

11. Pizza and chocolate lover. More precisely, M&M’s and KitKat.

12. Likes to draw and write (type actually) if in good mood.

13. Favorite number & Manchester United‘s fan since a little boy.

14. Talented on reviewing tech product and commentating on football & like researching useless information (well, useful for useful time).

15. Love cats so much.

16. Say lots and lots of swearing. Sorry for my language.

17. Can play badminton, tennis and a little bit of football (soccer).

18. Dislike annoying people and annoying rule (but still obey it).

19. Easy to fall in love. Shit (sorry again).

20. Ordinary.

If you want more information than this list, you can ask me at Twitter or comment on this post. Have a nice day! (Last edited 23/10/2014, 5.00 PM)

*All is well*


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