Enjoy The Little Thing

Well, it’s about a month before the true and ultimate Final Exam for my batch and an usual semester Final Exam for me as I will continue a year extend to repeat some papers and fixing my pointer.

As my batch is preparing their ViVa (final presentation for their FYP) and searching place for their InTra (Industrial Training) while I have to prepare the final itself (I drop the FYP) so time will be precious during this period. Time is gold, people said.

The lecturer will make some extra class for unfinished topics. There will be a class for some tips before the final exam. There might be some students wants to continue or participate any lab session that they missed earlier.So, student will be busy as hell.

Tension will occur. Pressure will rise. Thus, avoid that for sure. Take a break or have some rest. For me, it’s better to go hangout with friends for socialize a little bit or play some sports like playing badminton. For some people, rest is just enough.

For me, we need to appreciate the moment and enjoy the little thing as we might don’t have time to do it again. Even we can create the exact moment but it won’t feel the same. Have some fun and enjoy it for a moment.

*Have a break, have a KitKat*


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