It’s hard to believe
I’m the one in disbelief
It’s easy to pretend
I’m not in pain

How am I not even hurt
When I saw you with someone else
Why am I hurt even more
When I’m the one who let you go

It’s wrong to be right
When I’m lied to myself
It’s right to be wrong
When I’m believe in hope

You are my dream
But I’m not in it
I tried to chase you
You just run even faster
Left me far behind
Not even looking back

The light starts to fade
The star starts to disappear
Dreams becoming nightmare
Hope becoming reality

In the end of the road
I sick of this feeling
The heart is still hurt
I can’t feel the mind
Pain is inevitable
I can endure it myself

Just, let me erase you
Out of my head
Conclude this dream
Towards your choice

It’s about you anyway
You are everything
Rights are on you
Let my dream ends
By you.


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