Final Exam


The time has come. The day has approach. The final exam is back. For my batch, this will be their last final exam while this is gonna be another typical final exam for me.

There will be no revision, refresh or flash back. Screw that shit. Everyone will start from scratch to start studying. Believe me, we will study in last minute. It’s normal since we’re the future engineers (according to Bill Gates).

There will be many hint, but half of it is useless. Last year paper is important as I bet the lecturer is diligent enough to create a new question (wonder why they collect the question paper after we’re done answering? Now you know it).

Get ready with your instant coffee mix, instant “megi cup” and everything related to stay-up late in the night. It’s like a ritual before studying. If you’re full of pressure, relax or play some games. It’s useful for future planning.

Done preparing everything? Well, good luck then.

*Ladies and gentlemen, start your engine!*


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