Beggars. Who does not have at least one experience facing them who sit at the side of the street or place that been packed with people minding their own business? Everyone does and even myself have encounter them many times.

These unfortunate people will ask for some donation for themselves either using speech or using writing (eg: beggars in Kuala Perlis during fasting month. Diploma student of UniMAP knows them). Some are creative by selling their product like food or their service. All for sympathy from donators.

Beggars is different with people request for donation (people ask for donation to build some facility) as this is for other purpose than themselves. Unless they’re cheater. This kind of person is the reason of why many Malaysians don’t want to risk themselves to donate again (not relevent in blood donation event).

For some reason, I have encounter them last week at Pudu Sentral during waiting for my trip from KL back to Perth (I mean Perlis). There was this person, an Indian man, came beside me. I thought he will begging for some food or some money to buy some food (again) but no. He was asking for help.

I don’t know if he was a beggar or just a person in problem. He said that he wants to go to Ipoh as he’s been robbed (I think that was a lie). He need some money to buy the ticket. Looking at him, he’s just like an ordinary beggar by looking at his attires but who am I want to judge someone.

But one word he said makes me think for a while. He looking at me and said :

I’m Malaysian, you’re Malaysian, then why Malaysian can’t help Malaysian?

I’m speechless. That word is a killer. How am I suppose to answer that? It’s like he blame everyone for not helping him. I want to play save with the situation so he’s not been hurt by my answer. Then, I said to him :

I can’t answer that. Maybe we’re not the Malaysian we used to be. Or maybe people scared to being lied.

His face shows some disbelief with my answer. But he give some other word to me :

I’m not a beggar. I’m just asking for help. I want to go home. That’s all I ask for but no one wants to help me. They either expelled me, calling the security or they just show some gesture that means they don’t want to be disturb.

I ask one more question to him, have he ask the police for assistance? His answer is just like before, they will expel him and he’s afraid if the police will capture him for begging in the public (begging in public at KL is a crime). In the end of the story, I give him some money and wishing he will reach his objective. Then, he slowly faded from my vision and asking others.

I don’t know if I can believe him, but if he’s lying, I just forgive him. Maybe this country makes him to be like that. Maybe Malaysia is not like it’s former glory before. Yes, maybe we’re not the Malaysian we used to be anymore.

*Orang putih ke, orang hitam ke, orang chocolate ke, orang biru ke, kita semua orang Malaysia kan?*


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