Update 2.0

Quite a late post from me even for a free man like me (especially when I’m only taking 3 subjects this semester). But somehow, I feel busy with myself.

After some issues with college’s management for their mismanagement of extend student like me and others, I can’t manage my time effectively. What you’ll do as a student when you have a very large gap between your schedule?

You play video games.
You hanging out with friends.

But the worst part is you doing nothing.

That’s what keeps haunting me. I can’t control myself for wasting my time especially when you have a PC that can play almost every mainstream games that you have.

Even with amount of games that I have, I still spend most of the time doing nothing. Well, because logically I can’t sitting in front of the PC 24 hours everyday (except DotA players, but I’m not into that). That is insane.

But, end of the story, I wasting my time so much and I can’t recover it back. Time is gold, people said and I just using it recklessly. I need to change it.

*Life is full of BS if you not feed the bulls right, if you know what I mean*


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