“New” Year

New year, a new beginning and new calendar. However, nothing is new because it’s always the same. Different year but same path. Still the same old wish.

Actually, we don’t need to make a new wish if you’re not make your last year’s wish real. Why even bother make a wish when you can’t even accomplish anything before? You just wasting your time and stupidity.

For me, make a realistic wish that you can target. Don’t give high expectation about it. Not every wish is done by miracle, you have to work for it. The world is not a fairytale. It is far beyond comfort zone for everyone.

My wish? A better life of course. And good grade. And a soulmate. I need one. Only one.

*Perlis Maju 2015*

P/S: What kind of ‘maju’ is Perlis achieved actually?


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