Move On

Here’s a story. Sort of.

You fall in love with someone beautiful and starts a relationship with her. You thought she’s the one. However, the love is fading. In some time, you starts to fight with her. From small to huge problem. At some point, you didn’t even texting or calling her for quite time. In the end, you both decide to end the love journey together. It’s time to say goodbye to her.

But what’s the problem? When you can’t move on.

Move on is easy when you forget everything and left it behind to make a fresh start. But it become harder and harder when you can’t let it go. Seriously, when you can’t let the past disappear, it will haunt you for your lifetime or maybe forever.

For me, the most difficult time to move on is when you need to move on from your first love (I assume you also had one). Imagine, first love, first break up. It’s painful, isn’t it?

The most painful experience could give you the most lesson in life.

There’s much more thing that we need to move on in real life like bad grades or lost someone you love. It’s hurt but you need to be back at real life. The time wouldn’t wait for you.

In fact, you will left behind.


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