Smartphone 2.0

Previously, I have write about my smartphone and usage history. From the legendary Nokia 3310 & it’s branches, to Motorola (RAZR V3i), several Samsung device and finally, Sony Xperia ion.


Then, the time has come. It’s time to upgrade my daily driver. Hold on. Isn’t it too soon? There must be some reason to upgrade right? Absolutely yes so this is a statement from my older post and then the reason for my decision.

“A mid range specs, I still love the phone. Even with some problem like bugs and lags (fixed when using custom ROM) I think I will use it for quite a while before it give me a sign to buy a new one.”

1. A “mid range device” which will left behind in years come. Mid range device is a phone which using dual core processor or less.

2. No more official update from Sony (stuck in lagging Android 4.1.2 Jellybean and contain bugs)

3. Custom ROM is slowly fading as few people are paying attention to develop custom firmware (formerly using CarbonROM based Android 4.4.4 KitKat)

4. F*cking microphone & signal problem. Even the battery is short lived.

So, I start doing my research about the newest device available that is affordable and have impressive specs. iPhone 6/6+, Samsung Galaxy S5/Note 4, HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z3 is out of my list because of budget (seriously, it’s overpriced) even the One M8 is one of my wish list before.

Then, I’ve found this bad boys.


This is Vivo Xshot. The Vivo’s parent company, BBK Electronics is known for the parent company of Oppo (sounds familiar?) and OnePlus (known for the OnePlus One smartphone).

Actually, I didn’t expect to bought this phone. It’s recommended by my dad. Then, recommended to others by me. Why this smartphone is my choice?

1. Flagship specs (Snapdragon 801, 2GB of RAM, 16GB storage + support for microSD up to 128GB, 4G LTE network) same as Galaxy S5, One M8 and Xperia Z3.

2. Size. 5.2 inch Full HD display is good enough than my earlier 4.5 inch Xperia ion (5.5 inch or bigger is too much for me).

3. Free gift. Owh yeah! (Free gift may differs in your place)

4. Rear camera. It’s. F*cking. Amazing. 13MP with dual flash, OIS and f1.8 aperture (no smartphone have this combination yet). For comparison, iPhone 5s is using 8MP camera with dual flash and f2.2 aperture (smaller is better).

5. Front camera. For selfie lovers, it’s using 8MP with flash.

With. F*cking. Flash.

It’s amazing right? But well, there are some backdraw about this device too.

1. Late official update. Still stuck in Android 4.3 Jellybean. Where the hell is 4.4 Kitkat? (It’s not even worth mentioning 5.0 Lollipop). If you don’t care about Android update, just ignore this.

2. Battery capacity. 2600mAh is quite small for a flagship smartphone but it lasts a day and sometimes longer.

3. Keyboard. It’s ugly and doesn’t even have emoji. Seriously Vivo? (3rd party keyboard apps is recommended but still not solve some of the issues).

4. It’s not the perfect UI skins (Funtouch OS) apart from pure Android, Sense UI or ColorOS but is still good enough. Don’t even mention Touchwiz. Nova Launcher is some of alternative for skins.

5. Price. It’s not as cheap as OnePlus One but still less expensive than S5, Note 4, One M8 etc.

In conclusion, if you want a phone with a beast specs and spectacular camera, this device is for you. But if you want a bigger/smaller phone with cheaper price or wants quick Android update from Google, you can try another option like OnePlus One, Moto X/G or Nexus 5.

Anyway, it’s one hell of a device and I’m happy with it. For now.


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