Update 2.1

Another day passed. What a time I have and I just waste it again. Well, I’ve never learn.

*Learning is one of the step to avoid failure*

Lets see. My activities’ checklist :
Sleeping, eating, playing futsal, internet surfing, gaming (not DotA unfortunately), watching movie and writing this post.

Yeah, I guess life well spend then.

Back to university’s life.
Three month, three subject, and I still can’t coup with the time management. It just three f*cking subject and I still can’t master it.

I mean understand it.

I mean studying it.

Studying, yes. How many times that I actually studying? Perhaps, only two times. Both during test weeks. Luckily, I survived. But then, will I survive in the next test and ultimately, final exam?

Let’s find out.


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