Second Chance

Do you believe in second chance?

If you don’t, stop reading this post.
If you do, you are the same as me.

Based on my superhuman logic (just kidding), second chance is an opportunity that you had missed before. It come to you at first but you ignored it or you don’t realized it.  Then, it will come again to you. Only this time, if you still ignore it, the chance wouldn’t come again.

But why you even want a second chance in your life?

Well, aren’t we deserved it?

You do something wrong to your girlfriend. She mad at you. Obviously you want to fix it. Then, you ask her to forgive you. You want her to give a second chance to you so you can prove it to her.

Well, end of story.
But perhaps there are many situation that you want at least a second chance in your life. For example, your exam results. Or your car summons. Or your whatever you have.

Eventually, some of people doesn’t even deserved a second chance. But I don’t want to tell what kind of people is it. Different people, different opinion. You have to guess it by yourself.

In the end, you have to choose. Either pick up the chance or just left it behind.

*There is no wrong or right in your choice. You will decide it*

If it’s right, you got luck.
If it’s wrong, you got bad luck.


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