Opinion : Swimming

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve swimming a lot with some friends. Swimming is fun when you have learn it. Even me myself is learning it on my on.


(Me and Balo racing in the water lol)

Then, I’ve realized something.

Why we’re not learning how to swim?

Based on my knowledge about another nation, they’re learning about swimming since school. For example, Japan. If you not believe in me, just watch some anime. Most of them makes swimming as a routine.

I mean, swimming in summer. You get it?

But yes, they have knowledge about swimming and floating during emergency situation like flood (flood is every year’s routine in Malaysia). Why our nation didn’t make swimming as one of the lesson in school?

This skill is important to us especially during flood season. How many times did we read in newspaper that people died due to they cannot swim? Government of Malaysia, fund this.

But well, maybe because of lack of fund or people not interested in this, this opinion might will sink deep in the water like it isn’t in my head after all.

*Just keep swimming, just keep swimming*


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