Tips to Buy a Computer


Think about it.

You have money. Not a lot but enough for you to buy a computer. But you don’t know how to spend on it or what specs that you can buy.

Thus, based on my experience buying laptops and parts for my desktop, this tips is just for you who want to buy or upgrade a computer/PC.

1. Desktop or laptop? Desktop is a PC containing separate monitor, CPU, keyboard etc. Laptop is compact PC containing every parts together. So decide which category you want.

2. Price range. Decide your range so you will get the best bargain for your purchase.

3. Specs. There are many items with many brand out there for many parts. It’s confusing but let’s get into it.

For this, you need to check your budget. If you have little bucks, choose AMD (recommended to buy 3rd party cooler fan). If you have medium budget, decide which processor in that range gives you more option for overclocking (if you know about it). If you are rich enough, take Intel highest end.

In this modern world, 8GB or higher. That’s it. For gamer, choose RAM with heatsink and high in clock speed.

In this part, you have two option. Either pick at least 1TB (or higher) of standard HDD or pick more expensive SSD. Or both option. It’s up to you.

“Graphic Card?”
There are only two major brand in this part, Nvidia GeForce and AMD Radeon. Again, choose in your budget. For laptop, Nvidia is the best option. For desktop, choose which graphic cards gives you more  advantage and contain overclocking option.

For desktop buyers, there are some other parts that you need to focus apart from info above.

1. Power supply. 600W or higher for supporting motherboard, graphic card and others.

2. Motherboard. Choose either you want to upgrade in the future or not. If yes, choose ATX form factor which contain PCI-E ports more than 4. Other than that, mini-ATX and micro-ATX. I would choose Asus and Gigabyte motherboard.

3. Desktop casing. Follow your budget. This is base on your taste of the design. No need to be fancy.

5. Monitor, keyboard, mouse and speaker. This is according to your preference. If you want gaming specs, pick a gaming mouse and keyboard. For monitor, 1080p display is a standard. Size is your pick.

4. Need DVD player? If you still need it, take it. But mostly people not using it anymore except in emergency state (seriously).

5. Sound card? Nahh just kidding. You don’t need this anymore. In fact, you need wireless card/adapter more than this card.

Opinion : For me, it’s better to buy every parts for desktop and assembling it on your own. You can learn it by yourself (Youtube is a great source for guide). Or if you afraid, just let the shop do it for you. But they will charge for their service.

For laptop buyers, it’s about specs, design and brand. Yes, if you are particular to Apple laptop, then maybe you want to considering your option.

1. If you are familiar with Mac OS X, Apple’s ecosystem, premium design and doesn’t care about the price, pick Macbook/Macbook Air/Macbook Pro.

2. If you are more to Microsoft Windows user, you have many brands like Dell, Asus, Lenovo or Acer etc. I would recommended Asus and Lenovo. Pick Dell if you have more budget than above.

So there it is. I hope my experience can help you guys to buy either a laptop or desktop. Shopping is easy when you know what to buy. Be a smart buyer.


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