Define lucky (informal)

Having, bringing, or resulting from good luck.

(Example) “You lucky bast*rd”

fortunate, in luck, blessed.

Lucky containing many meaning that related to each other. But I want to mention about lucky in love. You know, like Jason Mraz’s song.

But do we really need luck in love?

Hear this.
You try to flirt with girls many times but you always failed. So it mean you have no luck. Suddenly, you met a girl and she wants to know you more. Now that’s a luck.

You can’t ask luck to come to you. It’s not work like that. Luck will come to you in the most important time. Then, you will be lucky enough to get that.

So in the end, luck will come to you when you have tried everything but failed every time. Then you will be thankful when you’re lucky.

Unfortunately, if you not get lucky, you have a bad luck.


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