Update 3.0

Holiday time!

After a week doing nothing and a week only for two papers, finally my semester come to an end. Two month for filling your boredom.

Obviously, I will continue to work with my uncle at Jengka (school canteen). Collecting money for university’s fee next semester. The remaining money will be for my PC.

Owh, about my PC.

I just bought a new casing for my PC after using old casing for a long time. After a long time then.


(Name is not important, but what a name)

So, my weekends will be my Project PC Part II which is containing the following objective :

1. Transferring parts from old casing to the new casing.

2. Installing two cooling fans at the top of the casing (owh yeah).

3. Installing older parts of my PC to the old casing back.

4. Formatting hard disk for clean process.

5. Updating software.

This weekend will be a busy week for me. I will update for more information about the project later.

*PC Gaming Master Race*


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