Respect. You know about it right? Respect to the old folks, respect to your parents, teachers and much more. Respect to the people gives you a good view of yourselves to the other.

But, that’s not the point.

Before respect others, respect yourself.


By not doing things that gives you bad behavior, control your voice & word, body language and hear people’s opinion/complain/problem.

For example.

You have homework from school. You’ve done doing the homework to impress the teacher. But the teacher always says that you’re not improved.

Then, he compares you with another student that answer the homework correctly but you know that student is cheating with copying other’s.

Then, you tell about that to the teacher. He doesn’t believe you and said you’re liar. Of course you mad with him. You scold him. Wait what?

That’s where respect is playing it’s role. You felt underappreciated but the teacher felt nothing wrong with that. The teacher felt mad because he think he’s older and knows better than you.

So in this case, both should respect each other. You need to respect him because he’s the teacher, he’s older and knows better than you.

The teacher meanwhile, need to respect you because you gives your opinion to him, you deserve to complained to him about the others.

But you get the point right?

In the end, we need to respect each other. But most important, respect yourselves before you expect the others to respect you.



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