Ahhh! What the fcuk is going on with my mind? (Sorry, for F word but still SFW). Sentimental, mental breakdown, mentally unstable. It’s going on my head and it’s quite the same thing.

Sentimental for my past. Yeah, that’s really a good thing. I mean, a bad thing for now. I kept remembering my old friend who I don’t contact anymore. I kept dreaming about my next love story while I didn’t learn any lesson from my past relationship. What did I learn actually apart from ruining people’s heart?

Mental breakdown for the present state. Yeah, new semester, same old college (janji dicapati), same old college staff being such a jerk, same boring lecturer, same moment when looking at friends who will graduates before me. Same national issue (you name it, Ahmad Maslan, Najib, Azwan Ali, Abd Rani Kulup).

Wait, I shouldn’t mention that issue.

But why people keep being stupid and stupid? I can’t read their stupidity anymore, especially the minister. Seriously, are they born as moron?

Mentally breakdown. Hurm, how am I gonna explain this shit? I don’t know what is going on with my life. But actually, I know something.

I’m bored.

When I bored, I tried to fill my activities like playing games. But when I bored with it, tried to chat with someone. Sometimes I swearing a lot. A lot when you have a friend who you want to swearing together.

That is so wrong. Can someone get myself on my foot together?

This is not me. Not my true self.

Except for the swearing part. That is some part of me in the past.


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