They forgot about my existence.
They forgot that I still alive.
They forgot about my news.
They forgot me.

Of course they don’t remember me. Unless I shout at them.
I’m the one who need to ask them.
“How are you? How’s your life?”
I’m the one who start the conversation first.
They don’t want to start it.

They don’t care about me anyway.
I want to care about them.
But I can’t always be the one.
If they keep doing like that,
Do I need to care?

How many that still contact me?

Childhood? None.
Primary school? One or two.
Secondary school? Some.
National Service? A little.
University? Mostly they care when they need my help.
Past girlfriend? MIA.

Likes, retweet & love doesn’t count.

What kind of shit is this?
I still live in my fantasy.
There is no friends forever.
They come in some point of my life.
Only some stays.
Hopefully forever.

Forgotten. Past, present & future.
But still survive.


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