I’m not graduated.


My batch is already graduated last Saturday.

Crush (haha).

They all have graduate. Except me and some others.

It’s my mistake for not graduated with them. Repeat paper, if only I can take a currative exam (an exam if you want to take it but using older carry mark) but they won’t let me.

But, it’s my mistake. Hate it or not, I will left behind. For a while.

If I finish it, and continue my study at UniMAP, I will be their junior. Yeah, my ex-coursemate is now my senior. Funny.

To be honest, I’m happy with them. They deserve it. I deserve it too but it’s not my time yet. So, I will wait.

To my friends, may we will meet again.

To everyone, please wait for your junior.

To Retardians, sorry for not graduated with you guys. But this is not the end. We will be together again. Forever Retardians


This. Will wait. Just. Wait. Eventually.


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