Tale of the Chosen Five

Let me tell you a story.

Once upon a time, there were 5 student during primary school. MI, AH, AZ, AK and me. MI, AH & AK are the girls while AZ is a boy. Yeah, including me.

These are the chosen student by the teachers that are targeted to get straight A’s in UPSR (five, I think it is still five subject). MI and AH are the study girls. AK is the relax one. AZ is the joker. I’m the nerd one (yeah, seriously). At the end, everyone except AK got the targeted results.

Then, destiny separates us.

MI & AZ were going to boarding school in Perlis (the top) while AH went to the top girl’s boarding school (if I tell you will know). AK went to the ordinary secondary school. Me? Boarding “college” (haha yeah try guess it) in Kedah.

5 years later, MI & AH were going to Matriculation. I continue my study at UniMAP. AZ is while, get dropped by his school.

Now, MI is in UMT, AH is in UTM & I’m on my last year as diploma student at UniMAP. AZ is now selling jersey at my hometown.

Selling jersey, how far can destiny go anyway?

In the end, I think the best one is actually the one who reach up the dream. None four of us reach it anyway. It is actually AK.

She’s in Scotland right now.

So, who ever thought every prediction is going to be true. Successful in school doesn’t mean you will be successful after that. The decision is always on yourselves.

**Life is full of surprises**


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