Update 4.1 & Wishlist

Just a recap from my recent activities & incident.

Yeah, about the incident.

I’ve lost my beloved Vivo Xshot and shoes due to theft during sleep. To make it more exciting, the morning that I realized my phone was stolen, I was getting ready to take MUET exam.

Yeah, you lost your phone and you need to take THREE papers (Reading, Writing & Listening) wearing the shoes while your mind is in havoc state of chaos. Best day ever.

The bad news, I didn’t back up my recent data which is photos, music & Whatsapp photos (I mean, camera photos & Whatsapp’s photo we received is completely different) AND I didn’t activate the Android Device Manager. Stupid me.

The good news, I did backup my contact, chat messages, music (obviously I did have a backup or simply download a new one) and IMEI (it’s in the box). But the problem is to detect the phone manually. So, checking IMEI manually is kinda hopeless. Hooray.

But, the best achievement I ever done is,


Yeah relax. That’s it. I don’t panic at all. In fact, the first thing I do was clear my mind in order to take MUET (you need to generate ideas continuously because what? English dude!). Even everybody else is more panicking than me and they even asking me.


(“You look so cool. Don’t you stress at all?” No stress at all)

I mean, like yeah, I lost a phone but what can I do next besides searching each house in KKF (the suspect is totally the residents of KKF) and making a police report? Basically, that phone will be forever lost.

And swearing about it doesn’t solve the issue.

So now I just need to move on and pray that the thief will eventually give it back to me. Or maybe collecting cash to buy a new phone. Which is in my checklist for now:

1. Galaxy S6 (I know it’s Samsung, Touchjizz, no removable back case, no SD card, small battery [only 100mAh smaller than Xshot] but hey, the camera is still the best on the market. And I dislike the Edge version, very uncomfortable)

2. OnePlus One/Two (people’s choice for Android lovers. One is a hit while Two is rather a hit/miss even with USB Type-C [that don’t have QuickCharge] & fingerprint scanners)

3. Moto X Play (yes I know Malaysians not using Motorola anymore but people outside there is love it. I stick to Play version because of bigger battery & smaller screen than Style variation of Moto X

4. Nexus 5 2015? (please Google make it happen)

5. Huawei Honor 7 (it look gorgeous, respectable spec. I would like to give it a try)

6. Vivo Xshot or the new updated Xshot series (I do love this phone and maybe I’ll buy it back even it’s specs is so last year)

So guys, that’s all I guess. Hope for a better future, and a better phone. If I had the budget now 😭

**Never Settle** no puns intended


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