Lazy Malays.
Liar Chinese.
Dirty Indians.

Stereotypes. This is reality not only in Malaysia, but globally.

Remember Ahmed’s story?
A boy who build his own digital clock in his briefcase was arrested because his teacher thought it was a bomb.

A bomb. By his own teacher.

That briefcase is not even contain any explosive inside. But he’s arrested because he’s a Muslim and Muslim is being stereotype as a terrorist.

Terrorist is not a religion, it is an act of terror by people regardless of religion.

Another type of stereotypes.
The African-American people loves fried chicken.

Who the hell doesn’t like fried chicken?

Same goes to our nation.
Not all Malays are lazy.
Not all Chinese are liar.
Not all Indians are dirty.

It is all depends on the people. If you lazy, you don’t bring your race to compliment your behavior. It’s just you.

Stop being stereotype. You look stupid, just like our politicians.

**Finger lickin’ good**


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