Update 4.3

End of an era.

I mean, end of final exam. Finally.


(One more time before the next step)

After this length of time that consist of working part time at my uncle’s canteen (again) and resting my mind, I will going to industrial training.

Yeah, about that.

My application to do internship at company A (to keep integrity in place lulz) after an intensive interview at the company is accepted. So, I will working at that company for 4 months.


(Some proof that I’m going to the interview)

It is located in KL, at the centre of the city.

Before this, I got another two company waiting for my answer, company F and conpany R. I have sent the repudiation letter to company F. While company R, I mess it up.

Actuallt, I fucked up.

I didn’t send the letter. I just tell the company through the phone which is a really stupid move from me. The director of the company got pissed off and report my unprofessionalism to the Dip’s Chairman.

Then, I need to apologized to the Chairman and the company for my behavior. Yeah, it is still my mistake. Sorry, company R.

Right now, I got a week left to work at canteen and another one week to prepare myself for the industrial training (same definition as internship).

Hell, this is going to be tiresome.


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