Opinion : E-Cigar & Vape


Right, vape.
Left, vape.
Front, vape.
Back, vape.

Vape is a trend. A movement that start with the people who use it as an exchange for cigarette or use it for smoke tricks.

Now, it just for show off to people around.

Vape categories divided by three. Tank, Sub-Tank & Dripper (just Google if you want to know more). It use some liquid that contain flavors that you can choose. Some of it contain nicotine.


(This is e-cigarette)


(This is vapor tank with the battery cartridge)

That’s not what I want to discussed.

It’s about the movement for banned it. Like, prohibition to possess e-cigar and vape.

This is what I can conclude.

Our country’s income came from many sector. One of it is taxes. The top taxes in our country is GST, car taxes (which all of the car is insanely expensive than other country even for a Toyota Vios) and these two thing.

Cigarette and booze.

Most of the tax income generated from cigarette tax because Malaysian likes to smoke. Government earned a lot from it.

Even after being declared haram by the Fatwa Council or putting some gruesome picture on the box or increasing the tax, people will still smoke.

So, when the vape trend come to Malaysia, so many people use it. Some of it migrated from cigarette. People start to not smoking cigarette.

But, it went all wrong when schoolkid bring it to school. The thing’s cost that starts from RM200, they bring it easily to school.

Totally, we need some regulation.

Make a rule for vape usage. Make it equal to cigarette even people argued that the smoke is not bad to our health. The smoke is still an annoyance to surrounding.

Banned it on public place like cigarette gets such as hospital & school. Else, make a warranty program like other electronics because it is an electronic device.

It’s up to government if they want to make a tax on it, but it surely need an equal rights like cigarette because it is still the same damn smoke. Just, the smoke is much more.

**Vape On**


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