Dear Putri

Do you remember?
Our first conversation,
After a long time in silence.
About a yellow Lotus,
In front of the bank.
Asking me to own and drive it,
While carrying you inside,
One day.

Do you remember?
When I discovered your real name.
Only knowing you as a princess,
Actually just a normal citizen.
I don’t care at all,
As long as I can tease you,
All the time.

Do you remember?
Every moment when you’re sad.
Keep discouraged yourself,
About small, nonsense issue.
Your lover’s copycat sister,
Your weight and scar.
Advice is what you sought from me.
Sometimes I fed up but I keep giving it,
As long as you being my listener.

Too many memories,
Yet I still remember it.
Wonder if you remember it too.
I wish to tell it again to you.
Wanting you to be my listener,
While at the same time,
Hearing your confession.

I’m sorry.
For everything.
For being far too late.
For being the middle man.
For letting you be my secret lover.
For loving you even you already taken.

For making you sad.

Thank you,
For the sweet memory.
Some bitter experience.
You will always being my Putri.
The door is open for you,
If you need an advice,
Or a great listener.

Never quiet,
Will love you,

Fix You, by Coldplay.
Hear this, a little memory from me.
Take care my Putri.


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