Stuck In Reverse

I’m stuck.

Stuck in my village since Wednesday due to the landslide in LPT at Lentang.

I mean, mud flood. Natural disaster. According to our wise politician. Like hell I would believe that.


(It’s kinda bad, and the authorities still trying to get their shit together)

During the event, I was in the bus that will arrive to the place in 15 minutes. Luckily, the driver received a call from his colleague that reporting about the disaster. Then, he managed to stopped at Bentong while waiting another bus behind us before turning back to Jengka. We’re not stucked at the traffic fortunately.

Thank God.

Until now (when this post is publish), I can’t going back to KL because the ticket is not yet available due to the bus company still awaits the official statement about the opening of the road (luckily I get a free ticket or I can refund it).

The problem is, Monday is my first day working as intern at Ampang Park (remember company A?). How can I skip my first day at the company?

I don’t know what to do. Some solution that I can figure right now :

1. Waiting the road to be officially open again then I can get the ticket with the earliest will be in Saturday.
2. Taking alternative bus (Jengka Liner) that going to Shah Alam through Tampin, Negeri Sembilan. That is quite far so it might be unlikely.
3. Asking a postponed date for my first day at the company. I might try this.
4. Taking a flight. Hell no. So expensive. Much far. Wow.

I can think another solution later. Usually I would ask my best listener for her suggestion. But now, I don’t think I would get it anymore. The landslide is might be one of the sign that I can’t get to meet her again. I already planning to meet her in the weekend before the event.

**I guess the universe is setting a better option for both of us.**


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