Love And Music (Part I)

Music is a part of life.

Most of the part is about love. Seriously, at least two out of the three song played on the radio is about love. Either sweet, bitter or even tasteless.

Tasteless like our society nowadays. Hearing some crap that using electronic dance music as the base of their song. Like, come on.

Instrument music is much better. EDM based music is good (I hear some of it too) but don’t overused it.

Well, why this topic?

Music is so related to my life. I spend many time just to hear some music. In my childhood, boot up the computer then open up Winamp to hear some of my music collection.

**If you don’t know what the heck is Winamp, you’re a noob.**

Anyway, when it is related to my life, it must have related to my love story right? I didn’t mean Taylor Swift’s song. I mean my past relationship. Okay?

To be honest, each of my past relationship must have their own song that related myself with them. I don’t know, it just my habit so don’t ask why. Some may use the same song but it all come from the first one.


(The song must be the one that I hear at least once every week. For instance, Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Mostly, before the exam started.)

My first relationship.
Let’s just call her Nadia (totally not her real name). Kasih Kekasih by In-Team is the song. Don’t judge me why it is a nasyid song. It’s my first love, so I set the target far too high for me to reach. Get married with her. This song is about that. But in the end, the marriage is off.

Second, third and forth relationship doesn’t have any song because either I’m not serious or the relationship fall short.

The fifth relationship.
Nur (too lazy to think) is a fairly on-off type of relationship. The first part is the best, the rest is the efford to save the relationship. Ultimately, it didn’t work out very well. Merindukanmu by D’Masiv is the song when I miss her during the hiatus.

Continue in Part II.

P/S : If you want to hear the song, just use Youtube or Spotify. You’re not in 90’s anymore.


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