Love And Music (Part II)

You will not believe this.

At the end of this post, you will not believe the number of my past relationship considering my “geek” look and nerd side of me (I speak the truth, I am nerd. I’m not denying it). I’m just a broken-hearted man.

I know, it’s a song. Google it. As I told before, it’s me who are the reason why all of them left me. I take the responsibility.

Lets get started again, shall we?

The Sixth Sense
Ila. With the letter ‘i’. Coincidentally, the number is match with the band. Tanpa by 6ixth Sense. Actually, I used this song as caller ringtone (remember?) for my phone number (and it is still there, still paying for it) since the start of it (2006). But, the relationship is not continue to alive like that caller ringtone.

The Seventh Relationship, is a bit of mystery. To be honest, I forgot who the girl I dated before. Sorry.

The Eighth Relationship
A girl named Ina (also not a real name). Cinta Dalam Hati by Ungu. This is what we call, The Girl Next Door. Not that close to the door. But, it’s a relationship and it’s disintegrate with the door. Now, I consider her like my own sister.

The Ninth Relationship
This is a rather, a special case. Fia, a nice girl which is actually nice. I mean, polite. What we call, Islamic. Yes. That one. I broke up with her because she want me to marry her ASAP. It sound like a good thing.

It’s not.

It’s too early, I have many things that I not accomplish in my life. She wants a marriage and settling as fast as we could. Using her parent’s money. That I objected. I don’t know what happen to her until today because I’ve lost contact with her.

Before I forgot, every nasyid genre in romance is her song but the one song is Miss You Like Crazy by The Moffats. How irony.

Ani (why all the name sound like a classic name?). This one is quite a short relationship. But, I appreciate every moment with her. Well, everyone too. Everybody’s Changing by Keane.

This is an honourable mention for songs that I used together with the already one.

Take On Me by A-HA
Sephia by Sheila On 7
Biarkanlah by Drama Band
Mengintai Dari Tirai Kamar by Exists
Bila Bunga Dipetik Orang by Sejati
I Miss You by Blink-182
Stay by Estrella (Surprise? Haha)

Actually, I can list all song that I use, but it is too much so I just list some of it. Then, there are two girl that not on the list but I want to mention it. It’s about a girl that I mention in my last script before. With this caption.

“I’m sorry, I do like you but I don’t love you. My love is at Putri. Sorry for doing you like this. I didn’t mean to.”

This one. Tia. The girl that I didn’t realized before. I used to chat with her during boredom. I did not expect her to start liking me. I’m sorry. Again. Cantik by Kahitna is her song.

Finally, the one that I wish could put my relationship streak to the end.

Putri. My longtime partner, my story teller, my great listener, my suggestioner (consultant), my fairy who granted my wishlist of song, my nurse who cured me, my everything. One word is never enough to describe her. I wish destiny will set us up again together. One day.


Instant Crush by Daft Punk is the first one. Julian Casablancas’ voice in vocoder with Daft Punk’s music is reminding me to her. She is my instant crush when the first time I know her and she’s still my ambition.


Fix You by Coldplay. This is the song that describe my daily life with her. Chris Martin’s efford to calm his wife (now ex) Gwyneth Paltrow is what I did to Putri. Every moment I do it is an unforgettable experience I miss with her. Some of the issue is small matter (that she think is huge for her) but I keep do it because it’s what I love to do. To calm her down.

How I miss that moment. Always.

Update 1 : 12 January 2016, 4.45AM
The last two, is officially considered as my former relationship. So, the list increased by twelve failed relationship. What a number.

The First Eleven (sounds like football) for Tia. Unofficially, she’s my eleventh relationship even for a short time. Because she’s there when everything goes wrong.

Putri, like it or not, is ended after second attempt to save our relationship. A special name for her.

The Twelve Cupcakes.

Wait what?


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