First Week as Workers

What a week.
What a duration.
What a drama.

An exciting journey using the LRT that pack with people (say no one ever) and starts the day with walking from point A to point B.

Everyday. Seriously, it’s quite a length.

Also, this week is the first one, working as an intern (I told about it earlier in my update) at company A (once again, I told it already) in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia.

Some band say this is the city of love. I wonder if that statenent is true at all.


(My favourite view of the day from my office. The view in night is much better)

The day in the office is quite, satisfiying. The environment is calm (everyone is focusing on their own task), the people is friendly (tbh I am a friendly neighboorhood, just not Spiderman) and the freedom to come to the office between 8-10 AM as long as you coming for 9 hours of working.

Freedom, yes this is what makes my everyday thing very interesting. As long as you do your job, you get as much as freedom you want. I can just make a coffee when I reach my desk and I can eat my lunch in the office (yeay for some, nay for others).

For praying time, I can take some time during lunch time. The nearest surau is two blocks from my office so walking is almost my everyday’s routine. During Friday’s praying, Masjid As-Syakirin in KLCC is the place.

One more thing.

Freedom of attire. You can choose between wearing a shirts and slacks like an office boy or just a jeans and t-shirts. As long as the outfit is not too revealing, you’re good to go.


(Somehow I need to wear a sweater everyday when the air conditioning is right at top of you. Too cold šŸ˜’)

For now, the task is not too shabby. But, we will see for the next couple of weeks. But, that’s it. I can only tell some of it because it may contain the secrecy of company.

**Three months and three weeks remaining.**


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