Does Smartphone Brand Matters?

*This is my opinion and a little bit of rant about smartphone’s brand. If you doesn’t agree with me, close this website. I don’t care.*

When I first tweeting (is that even a word?) about my opinion on some smartphone model, some followers actually follows it.

I didn’t surprised at all.

They starts to give their opinion and asking my opinion about choosing the desired smartphone according to the brand’s reputation. Does it matter?

Well, listen to my word.

Brand does not matter.
It’s not. Really. Yes.
Even the famous brand kinda sucks.

Brand is just an advertising. If the brand is being promoted a lot (Apple and Samsung, for example), people will know their product as well. Then, they can manufactured it depends on the demand.

Thus, the price will rise significantly. The actual cost for their flagship phone may be around 400$ (lazy to convert it to MYR because of the downfall of ringgit. Dammit Jib!) but because of heavy marketing, it now cost about 700$.

A quarter of the cost, just for advertising.

But wait, how about a small name company but establish already in the industry, like HTC and Sony? Why does their price is still expensive?

Because, when a big brand set a target for the price, they have no other choice but to follow it. They must have “big balls” to do the opposite (like OnePlus and Xiaomi). But, they don’t have it.

That’s about the price. Now. Specification. Same specs, different phone, different price. Okay, I get it. But, why the price gap is too damn high?

I give an example. Oppo R7 that using Snapdragon 615 now around RM1200. I can get Xiaomi Mi4 with same specs around RM750. Why the price is so different?

This comparison does not applied for the iPhone. The phone is using exact dual core from 3 years ago that increased in clock speed then promoted as new. But its new architecture and powerful. Nuff said.

That’s why I searching for alternative brands. The mainstream brand is overpriced in terms of equal specs compared to other small brand.

The other recurring issue that user always complaint but the manufacturer never care. Battery.

Powerful phone, full of innovation crap, blah blah blah but small battery. What the hell? (Basically every manufacturer ever) I don’t care if it makes the phone thick or heavy or makes the design crap. I don’t care.

I don’t want to charge my smartphone in the middle of the day after “heavy use”. When we bought the phone, we expect the battery life will last longer regardless of any kind of usage. Like, what is this piece of shit?

Please, make the battery size larger or at least make it better in power management. Is it too hard to request? It’s not that hard. If you want to give a beast specs at your phone, at least make the battery capacity on par with it.

If I rant about everything, it will not fit in this script. So, next time shall we?


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