Opinion : Smartphone’s Brand Stereotype

Last week, I trying to search in internet for a new smartphone to replacing my Xperia Z.

Why? The camera.

It’s too bad. Much worse, its sucks.

Right now I have something in mind. Huawei Honor 7 and Sony Xperia Z5. The only thing that stopping me from buying it is the price. It’s still damn high.

Honor 7’s price is between RM1399 while regular Xperia Z5 (not Compact and Premium) is RM2699. What? Dammit Sony. That’s too pricey.

Now, I should summarize these brand. Then I can compare each of their pros and cons together. Get the Honor 7 or wait for Z5 price to lower down first?

Wait. I can do better. I should summarize all brands that I know!


This brand is quite overpriced. Can get the exact spec at lower price and I hate the iOS look wannabe.


I have used it once before losing it. Good camera but still using iOS looks and it is so bad at updating Android so might avoid it.


It seems to be nice, but no back button is so frustrating (Meizu MX5). P/S: They have unique ways to do a back command but it’s need time to get used with it.


Well, nothing is wrong with this brand except the name itself is the only turn off for people even with respectable specs at lower price. The flagship is still expensive.


This my friend, is the mother of all bloatware. Cheap but full of unused apps. Can’t remove it except root but totally void the warranty.

In fact, most of these Chinese brand (except Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus) is so bad at updating their Android and keep using iOS theme in their user interface (except OnePlus).

Microsoft Lumia (once known as Nokia)

Should I give Lumia a try? But I need Google apps very much 😢


iPhone is too damn overpriced for the phone itself. Overpriced premium device with limitation of their OS. But, still a good build, great camera and have followers.


Samsung, while the phone is keep improving and the camera is great, still hates Touchwiz and it’s RAM management. The bloatware is still there even just a ‘little’.


The camera is slow. I mean the moment when you capture the picture. The image processing is still not as good as Samsung or even Apple. The design is nice but overused for the past 4 model.


Ever heard of it? The best price for bucks, hands down. The iOS look and some model doesn’t include SD card slot may be the deal breaker for some people.


People who knows about Android development will recognize it. Very good price with incredible specs but the availability is still not good. Invite system, what the hell?


While the design is unique and the camera is good, the user interface is quite the same as Samsung’s Touchwiz. Ugly and RAM eater.


The real Android phone from Google. Pure stock Android, clean and every developers have it. Still unavailable officially in Malaysia and doesn’t have SD card slot.


Yes dear Malaysian, they still exist. Got the pure Android with good price but the update news might scare off people. The availability for the flagship model is also none.


A wannabe premium device. While the design and speakers is top-notch, the camera, price and screen bezel with the logo is too bad.


Wait, they do a smartphone too?

Right now, I have no idea what smartphone I will buy.

Update : 8th December 2015

Scrapped my mind. It’s either Sony Xperia Z5 or Nexus 6P (this device is available in Malaysia from 8th December). Honor 7 will be my backup plan.


Why the hell Nexus 6P’s price is in the same range as Xperia Z5???


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