Update 4.4.1

The title is like Android update. Now in Lollipop stage. Don’t judge me.

This week is kinda exhausting, not because of so much work. It’s because exhausted doing nothing.

I mean some days. But you get the point.

When the work come, I have a little problem. I call that miscommunication. My ears is not any good at all. I always need to hear it again and again because I not get the point.

Not because I’m a slow learner, but my hearing is really poor.

Today, I doing a mistake. SV asked me to do a user guide about report section in a software but what I did is a report about user guide. What?

I need to get rid of this problem sooner or later. It’s becoming worse than I thought.

By the way, this weekend I’m going to Jengka again. Later.


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