Does Smartphone Brand Matters? (Part II)

*This is second part of my opinion and a little bit of rant about smartphone’s brand. If you doesn’t agree with me, close this website. I don’t care.*

Brand does not matter. If they suck, it will suck.

Most of the manufacturer does not care about updating their smartphone. I mean, updating their Android firmware, security update etc.

If you can’t promise at least a two year update for your smartphone (including cheap one. It’s not only about flagship anymore), don’t sell your smartphone in many variation. Take note, Samsung.

The Chinese brand is worse. They didn’t even give enough update to their product. This argument is not applied to Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus.

This is where Apple shines a lot, subsequent update to their devices even their device is old enough to not get the update required. But they managed to give it to their phone. Even iPhone 4s is getting iOS 9.

A four years old device, still getting the latest update. Yes it’s buggy but an update is an update.

“We’re selling many variation of smartphone, but we cannot afford the cost to updating it.”

If you can’t, then don’t make custom user interface/skin. Just use what Google gives to you. A pure stock Android user interface.

But, user interface. Why many manufacturer want to follow the iOS style of interface?


(The left one is Apple iOS 9, the right is Google Android 6.0 Marshmallow)


(This is almost every Chinese smartphone ever. This is not Android)

But, that doesn’t mean I like Samsung’s Touchwiz and LG’s UX. Both is still ugly and RAM eater.

lg and samsung

(UX icon is so square flat design, Touchwiz is touchjizz)

I prefer user interface like HTC Sense or Sony’s UI. Or Motorola skin which is basically just a pure, stock Android user interface. Like Nexus.

Features. Because that’s why people want to buy a new smartphone, right? Their new one must have a new feature that other smartphone doesn’t have.

But, where is it? Most of them is the same (except S-Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note series).

2K display is now regular, front camera size is following the back one, USB-C is slowly rise, curved screen is now not only in Samsung’s product and stereo speakers is a must now. There’s nothing spectacular right now.

But, I wish when smartphone is more premium feels in the hand, they did not ditch the wireless charging. It’s the tech that I want on my smartphone. Who needs cable when you have wireless charging?

*Heil wireless charging*


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