United’s Crisis

Van Gaal, what have you done?

This is not the Manchester United that I know. Not even during Moyes’ reign. This is too bad and unacceptable. Poor performance since what I can recall, every game.

No creativity at attacking, not even on target shooting, lack of pace, slow tempo, too depending on long ball when Fellaini plays, lots of back and side passes, poor defending and uninspiring spirit.

I mean, c’mon. What is this kind of shit performance? Is this what you call “philosophy”?

Van Gaal, you said eliminated in UCL group stage is unacceptable. But now, we’re already eliminated and losing to mid-table team. We’re already a mid-table team with this lackluster style of play.

Don’t give excuses about injured player. Fergie can win with his reserved player then why you can’t do it? You already spend £250m for the player so what the hell?

Your selection for substitution is also questionable. Varela instead of Jones? Subs out Fellaini for Powell? Really, Van Gaal? You such an idiot.

I think the problem of all this issue is your philosophy. If you care about possession so much then manage Barcelona not United. We want to win a match, not winning possession but only get a draw or lose.

Even Barcelona’s possession game is far more entertaining than your philosophy. Your game is boring and you can’t even make a comeback in our infamous Fergie’s Time.

Everyone plays so bad and you should be ashamed with that.

*Boring, boring Van Gaal*


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