Long Distance

Long distance relationship,
The ultimate test of love.

Far from the eyes,
Close to the heart,
Further in distance,
Closer in feeling.

But is it accurate?

Some people say,
Distance is not a big problem.
Some people think,
Disappointment will come and go.

They’re totally wrong.
Hardship is routine,
It’s totally frustration,
Hope is diminish.

Yet this is the pursued goal?

You have got to be kidding me.
They still not realize the path,
Yet brave enough to challenge it,
Through their own doom.

They might be immature.
They may think this is a trend.
They would be the idiot in love.
But, who doesn’t?

When you feel insecure with your bond,
When communication is the only one left,
When meeting in real time is not an option,
When someone else disturbing the link,
When words can be manipulated,
When distance is too far away,
When trust is questionable,
You know it’s the real challenge.

Let’s say you succeed,
Did your partner followed too?
This is not about individual,
It’s more than that.

It needs two people through everything,
From beginning to the end.

Can you endure the pain?


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