Update 4.4.2

Just a little update I guess. For my followers that keep in touch with this blog.

For you.

About workplace, I still getting simple task that when it’s combine together, it will become a major headache. But I can get along with that. The dateline however, is next week. Right after Christmas. When I took on leave.

Great. Chasing the dateline I guess.

The holiday, I think I will get a break from all this mess. Spending time with family is much better. Especially going somewhere that I would tell about it later. But right now, just imagine I’m going to take a break.

One more thing.

I’m still waiting. And I will. Even it breaks my heart to see her with that person. I know my faith to her is strong. It’s like Force in Star Wars, but you get the point.

I’m eager to hear her stories after all this time. It looks like a short period of time but it always feel like it tooks forever. I don’t mind. Everything for her.

I miss her voice. I will listen to every word he speak. It’s sounds like a lullaby that act as bedtime story and beautiful in my eyes. I will always trying to be your great listener.

Dear you, I miss you so much. With love. Always.


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