My Instagram

2016 is coming. I think it’s the right time to finally private my Instagram profile.

After so much bullshit with underage users that follows my profile just to ask me to follow back and spam comment, now I have the option to control it.

I might be approving some of them but I will not following back. Don’t expect me to follow back. It’s your own choice.

I follow people who have something related in my life or maybe interesting me. Then, there are some pictures that are meant for my followers but not to the outsiders.

One more thing, no more hashtag after I private the profile. What a relief. No more spam people liking the post.

This is for my own good and I feel better. Thank you & have a nice new year.

Update 1 : 12 January 2016, 4.55AM

I might reconsider this move. One of the reason I private my Instagram is because of Putri. Most people doesn’t even know about our relationship (some did), it’s better to stay hidden. But, I do have post a photo containing both of us.

Since I already delete it and she’s no longer have anything related to me, there’s nothing to hide anymore. Maybe I will make it public again. Some day.

Update 2 : 12 January 2016, 9.40PM

After 16 hours, I’m definitely making it public again. Now everyone can watch the world burn. I mean, watch my Instagram‘s photo.


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