Update 4.4.3

Not in the mood, but I’m still trying to keep updating this. Well, do a recap I mean.

First, welcoming 2016 with a plan to play futsal on New Year’s Eve. But I end up watching the celebration while the plan is scrapped at the last minute.


(At least it’s near to KLCC so everything is clean and clear. Lighting is very poor so forgive me.)

Well, we can’t blamed the traffics would be jammed. It’s New Year’s Eve for God sake.

Second, delayed allowance payroll. I have no idea why it is delayed. It’s already passing the dateline and I’m kinda need it right now.

Actually, I don’t know the actual dateline. Everyone said it would be at the end of the month lol. But, it is totally late.

Lastly, about her.

How do I want to describe this.

I’m confused. Nevermind. I will write about this later. I’m not ready for this and the time is not quite right. What I know right now is, I don’t know nothing.

What do you expect when you love someone that already with another person. Right? Just stop here.

Let’s just hope 2016 will be nice to me. Hopefully.

P/S: Allowance is finally in. Hell yeah! (Last updated : 5th January 2016, 12.30PM)


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